The philosophy of ITCScom is the constant adaptation of our company services-solutions, in the new competitive market environment in order to provide specialized and trustworthy technology and consulting solutions, that add value in businesses and give them a competitive advantage.

The combination of the new technologies business model, is for ITCScom a challenge to create innovative solutions and pioneer services, that will be able to operate in the contigniously changing economic conditions and  upcoming technological developments.

Strengths of ITCScom are the…

  • Supply of integrated technology solutions and consulting services, focused on each customers operational needs and specifications.
  • Recrtuitment of highly trained personel.
  • Excellent Private Sector and Public Administration characteristics and peculiarities knowledge.
  • Technology transfer to the customers
  • Utilization of internationally recognized and certified methodologies and tools in projects.
  • Respect the uniqueness of each client
  • Development of long-lasting cooperation with customers

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