The National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2014-2020, is the main pillar of development of Greece and the tool for funding programs implementation. The NSRF funds, aim at the development of entrepreneurship, the modernization of infrastructure, the human resources upgrading, the regional development stimulation and the society and economy adaptation to new technologies.

Beneficiaries for financing are public or private organizations, institutions or companies responsible for the integration and implementation of operations-projects.

Funding programs are for businesses and SMEs in particular the most important tool to strengthen their investment plans and development of the Greek economy.

Funding programs are active and are open periodically from the EU and national competent agencies, such as the program Horizon 2020 for research and innovation, the program Erasmus + for education, training, youth and sport, the program EaSI for social cohesion and employment policy, the initiative URBAN for sustainable urban development, the community initiative INTERREG, the program URBACT III, etc, where central organizations, local authorities, non governmental organizations and other organizations can sumbit their proposals.

It is a fact that the maturation, integration, implementation and management of funded operations / projects, is a complex process, as it requires expertise, experienced personnel, appropriate infrastructure and close cooperation with the relevant managing authorities.

ITCScom has specialized expertise and staffing, able to undertakes and support state organizations, organiations of the public sector and private companies to subsidize their investment activities, in national and/or European programs, actions and initiatives. In particular, our company provides the following services:

  • Training for strategic development funding fesources projects
  • Technical support to agencies of the broader public sector for maturation and operations / project integration for funding.
  • Writing technical reports and proposals for business and institutions of public sectors
  • Training investment schemes and economic studies
  • Funding project Management
  • Design and Implementation of Publicity Actions and Promotion Projects

Alongside ITCScom undertakes the preparation and submission of completed investment proposals with a view to their inclusion in the incentives of the current Investment Law Aid (N.3908/11), as amended after the enactment of the Government Gazette A90 /04.18.2013 N.4146 (Amendments to the Investment Law) and the Official Gazette A120/05.29.2013. During 2016 the new Investement Law is expected to be issued.

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