Science 2.0

Course Title

Web 2.0 in the Science Classroom (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Course Dates

  • 28/02/2023 - 04/03/2023
  • 18/12/2023 - 22/12/2023

* All the above mentioned course sessions are confirmed and will be implemented, independent from the number of participants. In case of a group (more than 4 persons) in a course session, ITCScom has the flexibility, upon request, to schedule a new course in special dates following your needs and a discount in the course fees.


Under the Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals we created an innovative training course for your personal improvement. Information technologies can change the traditional methods of presenting science problems and have potential to facilitate an active approach to learning, allowing students to become involved in discovery and to consolidate their own knowledge, thus developing conceptual understanding and a deeper approach to learning. Emergence of these tools and its capabilities dealing with most of the Web 2.0 tools, enable science teachers to enter data and create multimedia products combining text, graphics, audio, and video to assist them teaching Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The possibilities for creativity are endless. Interactive simulation environments, virtual labs, modelling applications and interactive whiteboard (IWB) applications are being used not just to present a phenomenon, but model, analyze it and expand the research of physics, chemistry and biology in a wider range.
The objective of this course is to familiarize European science teachers with ways to use Web 2.0 applications, providing a variety of tools to help them produce creative activities and provide to students a context in which they will create, collaborate, and communicate. Under this scope, the participants will be able to create their own lesson plans incorporating web 2.0 science tools and web applications in their everyday activities, encouraging, at the same time, their students to do science. The implementation of these programs in the educational process requires a radical revision of the content and methods of teaching, using a fresh approach to the teaching of science, taking into account the attraction of pupils and students to computers from the means of graphics and animation, increasing significantly their understanding of the basic concepts of science.

Course Modules

The course content has been organized in 15 modules, covering the below issues:

  • Web 2.0 approach
  • Science curriculums and analysis of Case studies
  • Presentation of interactive simulations environments that can be used by teachers and students
  • Presentation of virtual labs and modelling apps that can be used by teachers and students
  • Presentation of Web 2.0 tools that can be used by teachers and students
  • Hands-on exercises on how to use these tools
  • Possible scenarios on using these tools in everyday teaching activities
  • Benefits and difficulties in using Web 2.0 tools in Science
  • The concept of eTwinning & Erasmus+ KA2

Course Registration

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